Remembrance of Safe Harbor

Like our children, artists expect their artwork to outlive them.  However, on December 4, 2017 the Thomas Fire claimed homes and entire belongings of hundreds of Venturans including their art collections.  One of those lost was a commission I had painted for a Ventura couple of their 8 grandchildren.  It was a grande dame, measuring 6’h x 9’w entitled “Monkey Business”.   To their credit, these collectors showed remarkable resiliency, and within weeks of the fire, set about to rebuild their life.  They asked if I could repaint their painting for them.  Honored, I agreed to replace it in size and of their grandchildren, but it would have to be an altogether different painting because the fire had changed us all.  The children had all grown, their family now included a dog, and the new setting would be in remembrance of the place that gave them safe harbor while their home was rebuilt. The work continues as does the naming.  I’m thinking “Phoenix”.